Comprehensive Contact Lens Exam

Do you wear contacts or are thinking of using them to correct your vision? You are going to need a comprehensive eye exam. An exam for contacts can help determine eye surface measurements and what size and type of contact would work best for you. An eye doctor can even make sure you have enough tears to wear contacts comfortably.


If your optometrist determines you are able to wear contacts they can write the correct contact lens prescription and fit for your eyes.


Once you have been correctly fitted for prescription contacts you can then decide whether you want daily wear (disposable contacts) or extended wear (weekly / monthly.) You can even choose to wear clear or color contacts.


Your doctor will provide you with a trial pair of contacts to use for a few days before you come back for a follow up. This is to make sure you get used to wearing them, putting them in and taking them out.


It is important to understand that having an incorrect fitting or prescription of contacts can damage your eyes and vision. Search our network of eye doctors and find the right doctor in your area today.


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